Getting a Closer Look to Exotic Creatures with Pamekasan Reptile Kingdom

Getting a Closer Look to Exotic Creatures with Pamekasan Reptile Kingdom Pamekasan Reptile Kingdom (Parking) community on their gathering at the City Hall of Pamekasan. (Picture by: Akhmad Syafi'i/TIMES Indonesia)
Wednesday, 05 February 2020 - 03:53

TIMESMALAYSIA, PAMEKASAN – Some people will take reptiles as a creepy animal with their slimy skin or harsh look. And this is what Pamekasan Reptile Kingdom community trying to explained.

As for the Pamekasan Reptile Community, reptiles such as snake, chameleon, lizard, crocodile and more has become their life companion.

In order to strengthen the bond between all member this community hold weekly gathering at the East wing of Arek Lancor Monument. They bring their pet along with them and let the people to touch them.

This is also one of their way to introduce reptiles to the public. People usually consider reptiles as wild and fierce animal that could attack them anytime. Some people even afraid of the snake no matter how tame it is.

"We choose the non venomous snake to be pet. So they won't harm us eventhough they bite such as ball python, molorus albino, and ivory pyton," Gandan the Chief if the community said.

Still according to him, this hobby couldn't be categorized as a cheap one for the price of each reptiles would range from IDR 1 M to IDR 5 M.

On every of their gathering, Pamekasan Reptile Kingdom Community will always take some people to take a moment with them. They will introduce their reptiles as a non dangerous pet for the visitors of Arek Lancor Monument. (*)

Writer :
Editor : Khodijah Siti
Publisher : Ahmad Rizki Mubarok
Sumber : TIMES Madura