Join the Coffee Roasting Competition at Svarga Resort Lombok

Join the Coffee Roasting Competition at Svarga Resort Lombok Some spot at Svarga Resort. (Picture by: Istimewa)
Tuesday, 19 November 2019 - 06:48

TIMESMALAYSIA, LOMBOK BARAT – To introduce the local coffee more to their customers Svarga Resort Lombok will held a Coffee Roasting competition on next December 21st 2019. This resort intended to only provide coffee as their main beverages for their customers.

"This is to support the Halal Tourism program which is conducted by the local government. We will not served any alcoholic drink at our place," The operational manager of Svarga Resort, Zulfadli said on Saturday (16/11/2019).

There will be around 30 barista from Senggigi area that will join the competition. These baristas are coming from several hotel in Senggigi that also participating in the government's program.

"I believe the contestant will grow to 50 or more, since we already acknowledge them all and I believe they will share this news with their community," he added.

Meanwhile, The Mayor of West Lombok H. Fauzan Khalid appreciates the upcoming event much. He is so enthusiastic to see how the competition will go. He is certain that this kind of competition will also support the tourism sector in West Lombok.

"December is the high season for tourists to come to this place. And I hope that this competition could be one good attraction for the tourist to see as well to introduce the local coffee of course," The Mayor said about the Coffee Roasting competition by Svarga Resort Lombok(*)

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Editor : Khodijah Siti
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