Here are 4 New National Heroes of Indonesia

Here are 4 New National Heroes of Indonesia KH Masjkur. (NU Online)
Saturday, 09 November 2019 - 05:04

TIMESMALAYSIA, MALANG – Beside KH Masjkur of Malang, there are several others name that granted the title to be the new National Heroes of Indonesia. The title were given by President of Indonesia Joko Widodo himself this morning Friday (08/11/2019).

The title were received by the heirs of the deceased figures and their companions at the Palace State, Jakarta. The National Hero Award Conferment Ceremony were attended by several officials and ministers of Indonesia.

Here are 4 new national figures that is granted the title of National heroes:

The late KH Masjkur, the Commander of Sabilillah Army of Malang

The late Ruhana Kuddus, a journalist and Education Practitioner of Gadang

The late Prof Dr Abdul Kahar Muzakkir, a Muhammadiyah figure of Yogyakarta

The Late Pof Dr Sardjito, the first rector of UGM (Gajah Mada University) of Yogyakarta

The heirs and companion of 4 new national heroes such as Yu Jauharoh the daughter of Kahar Muzakir has started to flew to Jakarta on Thursday evening (07/11/2019) to receive the title for her deceased father.(*)

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