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Five Tips for Healthy Lungs

Five Tips for Healthy Lungs ILLUSTRATION – Keeping your lungs healthy. (PHOTO:
Tuesday, 04 June 2019 - 00:02

TIMESMALAYSIA, JAKARTALungs are vital organ for our life. That’s why, it is necessary for us to keep our lungs healthy.

Although you do not smoke, it is still possible for you to have lungs diseases.

Here are several tips for healthy lungs.

1. Regular exercise

When you have exercise, the lungs will work harder, which means that it could be a good exercise for the lungs as it could increase the capacity of the lungs.

2. Avoid polluted air
Avoid being in environment with polluted air. If you need to be in this kind of environment, do not forget to wear mask.

3. Avoid cigarettes
Avoiding cigarettes could keep your lungs healthy. Cigarettes contains many harmful substances. That’s why, do not be an active or passive smoker.

4. Consume foods with balanced nutrition
Eat foods with balanced nutrition. Consume foods with vitamins and antioxidants as they could help detoxification and avoid free radicals that could cause cancer, including lungs cancer.

5. Use air purifier
Use air purifier to make the air inside your room healthier and fresher.

6. Use products that are safe for lungs

To keep your lungs healthy, avoid using the household products that have a strong smell, such as cleaning products. This kind of product also contains harmful gas that could damage your lungs. (*)

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