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Tricks to Make Yourself Wake Up for Suhoor

Tricks to Make Yourself Wake Up for Suhoor ILUSTRATION. (PHOTO: hellosehat)
Monday, 13 May 2019 - 13:13

TIMESMALAYSIA, JAKARTA – Most people find it hard to wake up for Suhoor during Ramadhan. They may feel tired, sleepy, and lazy. However, eating Suhoor is an important thing during Ramadhan. Here are several tricks to make yourself wake up for Suhoor.

1. Set the alarm

Make sure that you have set an alarm to wake you up for Suhoor. Put the alarm away from your reach to avoid getting back to sleep right after turning off the alarm.

Putting your alarm away from your reach could force you to wake up and turn it off. When you force yourself to turn it off, it could help you to be more awake and reduce your drowsiness.

2. Go to bed earlier

It may be difficult to go to be earlier due to some additional activities before bed, such as Tarawih prayer or cooking meal for Suhoor. Make sure you go straight to the bed to sleep after finishing your errands.

It will also be better for you to avoid using electronic gadgets before sleeping in order to let yourself go to sleep faster.

3. Exercise regularly

During fasting, doing exercise could be an effective way to boost your energy and give you a restful sleep. However, do not do an extreme exercise to avoid dehydration.

Try to do some exercise before break fasting or after the Tarawih prayer. Right after that you may drink some water.

4. Avoid consuming caffeine before sleeping

Avoid drinking tea or coffee at the evening to make you sleep earlier. It may be difficult for the coffee lovers, but they will get used to it. This is stated by British Nutrition Foundation.

5. Dim your lamp lights

Do not turn on your lamp while sleeping. Cited from WebMD, the bright lamp light at night can reduce the level of melatonin. This light can be from cellphone, computer, TV. Cited from hopskinmedicine, melatonin is essential to make a restful sleep.

Those are the tricks to make yourself wake up earlier for Suhoor. If you think it is difficult, you may ask your friends or family to wake you up for Suhoor. Remember, do not miss Suhoor because it is the important part during Ramadhan. (*)

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