Tuak: The Indonesian Local Palm Wine

Tuak: The Indonesian Local Palm Wine How they sap the palm tree. (FOTO: Istimewa)
Monday, 01 April 2019 - 16:16

TIMESMALAYSIA, SABU RAIJUATuak or palm wine is an alcoholic drink created from the sap of the palm tree. Tuak has become a main business for the Sabu Raijua Island citizen at Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) for centuries.

“It has become a custom for the local citizen including me to sap the palm tree beside culturing the sea weeds," Jonatan Lede Manu, a local citizen said.

Beside the Tuak, the sap itself could be turn in to the palm sugar or liquid palm sugar which then will be bartered with some rice or any house hold needs.

Another Sabu Raijua local citizen Mano Radja said that the sap or the sugar will be delivered to another county, the sap will worth around IDR 100 k - 150 k per 5 liters of jerry can. Meanwhile the sugar will be worth around IDR 1000 per piece.

“The palm sugar will be last longer than the sap or Tuak. You could also made some ketchup using it, or add it to your food. But don't keep it too long since it will change the flavour," he said. (*)

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