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Cinnamon Milk? What's Good about it?

Cinnamon Milk? What's Good about it? Illustration - Cinnamon Milk. (PHOTO: Lifealth)
Tuesday, 12 March 2019 - 17:19

TIMESMALAYSIA, JAKARTACinnamon milk? Umm.. the most delicious milk I ever taste. This milk not only give you a unique flavour and nice smell but also presents you lots of good benefit in it.

Cinnamon containts lots of Calcium, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, iron, and magnesium. It also contain a high antioxidant, anti inflammation, and anti microbial which will make the your imune stronger and stronger.

Meanwhile, milk also rich with calcium, magnesium, kalium, natrium, carbohydrates, kobalamin, and lots of minerals.

According to all the nutritions contained by those two ingredient, these are the benefits of consuming cinnamon milk.

1. Erase your pain

A hot cinnamon milk could help you endure the pain you get from an inflammation, the progtagnaldin hormones could also help you more relaxed.

2. Decreasing the risk of getting diabetes

Cinnamon is well known for its ability to lower blood sugar. Studies have found that the spice can mimic the effects of insulin, a hormone that helps remove sugar from the blood.

3. Mengatasi masalah susah tidur

Cinnamon also can help you fall asleep at night. It will help your body relax and alleviate your stress. It will also take care of your body's digestion and help you achieve a restful sleep.

4. Help you ease your shore throat

The anti inflammation contained in the cinnamon will help you ease the pain from the shore throat. It will make you more relax.

5. Good for your heart

Consuming cinnamon milk helps fighting against heart diseases, and maintain cardiovascular health. It could also lower your high blood pressure in order to make the heart work well.

6. Baik bagi kesehatan tulang

Milk is well known as a good calcium source. Taking this cinnamon milk will lower your chance to get osteoporosis. However, you need to drink it regularly to get a good result. And dont forget to consume it proportionally. (*)

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