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The Effects of Using too much Antibac Tissue for Your Skin

The Effects of Using too much Antibac Tissue for Your Skin Illustration-Cleaning your face (Photo: nakita.grid)
Saturday, 09 March 2019 - 01:36

TIMESMALAYSIA, JAKARTA – Generally, antibac tissue has become an easy alternative for us to clean our face when its dirty without rushing to the toilet. However, you must be aware of the bad effects of using too much antibac for your skin.

Here are some bad effects of using too much antibac for your skin

1. Dry skin

Antibac has lots of alcohol in it which was aimed to kill the germ on your skin. The alcohol is dangerous for ur skin and will make it dry.

2. Wrinkle

Antibac could wrinkle your skin. This due to antibac will not remove your make up and dead cell on your skin perfectly. This condition will just make your skin aging or become dull.

3. Pimple

The ineffective way of cleaning your make up by using this antibac tissue will make it clog your face pores which will produce pimples. Make sure you clean your face perfectly in order the let the pores breath and avoid the pimple production.

4. Skin irritation

Antibac also contains chemical material called surfactants. Some people with sensitive skin might allergic to this material. The allergy could lead in to rashes. Which will not make your skin look prettier after you clean it, but will make it look awful.

5. It will make your eye bags looks even more awful

While using the antibac to clean your face, surely you will rub it strongly to make sure the make up stick on the tissue right? Becareful, this will just make your skin get more wrinkle and make your eye bags bigger.

So what do you think? Still want to make antibac tissue as your main choice to clean your make up after seeing the effects caused above? You are your own doctor. Choose the right methods to clean your skin. (*)

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