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Special Tips for Maintaining Weight to Keep on ideal

Special Tips for Maintaining Weight to Keep on ideal ILLUSTRATION - Ideal Body. (PHOTO: ultracarepro)
Thursday, 21 February 2019 - 01:02

TIMESMALAYSIA, JAKARTA – The ideal body weight is a dreaming mostly for someone. Due to it has potential risk of unhealthy conditions. However, the people don’t know how to maintain weight body to keep on ideal. The followings are special tips for maintaining weight.

1.  Keep on routine in exercise

Exercise is good for healthy, in addition it also burns fats in the body as energy. Exercising regularly will keep on the ideal body weight, and then don't stop it, so that the body won’t be passive and the metabolism runs smoothly. Doing exercise routinely is the answer to maintain weight loss. By doing exercise, your body shape will get better.

2.  Eating more protein and less carbohydrate

Why does it have to eat more protein? Because with protein, the body will experience a fairly rapid increase in metabolism. Furthermore, avoid excessive carbohydrate consumption. We can still consume carbohydrates, but the amount is limited. For example, in one day only consume complex carbohydrates from rice. The rest uses complex carbohydrates from vegetables or fruit. Furthermore, avoid excessive carbohydrate to consumpt. We can still consume carbohydrates, However the amount is limited.

3.  Check your weight regularly

Do the regular weight checks. This check is done to find out whether there is a weight gain or not. However, if there are enough changes of body weight such as 3 up to 4 kg, then there is something wrong with the body.

4.  Lift the weights

Don't be afraid to lift weights even though you are a woman. By lifting weights, the metabolism in the body will increase. In addition, the possibility of having an ideal body weight is also getting bigger.

5.  Get enough sleep and drink much water

Sleep every night for about 7-9 hours. Then, make sure to consume 6-8 glasses of water every day. Doing these two things won't make you experience excessive hunger which triggers uncontrolled eating and calorie surplus.

Those are the special tips you can do to keep on ideal weight. These methods then will be effective ways to keep our body's health. (*)

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