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AI Predicted will Increasingly Replace Human Work 15 Years Later

AI Predicted will Increasingly Replace Human Work 15 Years Later Illustration - Artificial Intelligence (AI) (Photo:
Saturday, 12 January 2019 - 18:30

TIMESMALAYSIA, JAKARTA – Chinese Artificial Intelligence (AI) expert, Kai Fu Lee predicted that in the next 15 years, 40 percent of the work in the world can be executed by machines.

Venture investors (venture capitalists based in China also say, AI will increasingly replace human work.

"It isn't only for factory workers (blue collar workers), but also office employees (white-collar workers)," Lee said as quoted by CBS News, Friday (11/1/2019).

"Personal drivers, truck drivers, or anyone who works as a four-wheeled rider will be easily replaced by AI within 15 to 25 years," Lee added.

A number of a bit complicated jobs, such as chefs, cafe waiters and many more in stores and restaurants will become automatic later. In 15 years, AI will replace their jobs about 40 percent.

"I believe, AI will change this world to be better than anything in the history of mankind. Even the electricity itself," Lee said excitedly.

According to him, one of the biggest changes is in the field of education. For the initial example of his research, Lee has financed companies that install artificial intelligence systems in remote classrooms throughout China.

Lee did this in an effort to improve the quality of learning for his school students far from major cities in China. Mentioned, the AI ​​system is designed to measure students' interests and intelligence based on subjects.

Then, can such an AI identify a genius future successor on this earth?

"It can happen in the future. AI can also make detailed profiles of students and find out the obstacles experienced by these students. So that teachers can personalize the sector where students need help," Lee said. (*)

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