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Becomes A Destination, These 3 Places Are Vulnerable To Be a Bacterial Hive

Becomes A Destination, These 3 Places Are Vulnerable To Be a Bacterial Hive Bakteri. (FOTO: Unique)
Sunday, 06 May 2018 - 15:08

TIMESMALAYSIA, JAKARTA – There are some public places that are believed to be a bacterial hive and can infect everyone, such as public toilets. However, there are some other public places that we need to take care of when we are not at home. Launched by Healthy Doctor, here are 3 public places inhabited by millions of harmful bacteria.

1. Internet Cafe Internet Cafes are public places equipped with dozens of computer devices and used interchangeably. According to a study conducted by CBT Nuggets, states that all these devices store millions of bacteria that are ready to attack everyone who uses it. That's why, if we want to apply and stay in it, we can use antiseptic first.

2. ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) Nowadays, almost everyone has an ATM card. Therefore, many people feels the benefit of ATM various financial transactions. ATM machines are easily available everywhere, ranging from shopping centers, offices, gas stations, and some other places.

Well, ATM machines are stated as bacteria and germs centers. The same thing was also said by the University of Arizona, that the average ATM machine is inhabited by 1,200 germs, including E.coli.

3. Fitness Center In gym equipment, there are a lot of germs and bacteria that stay in it. Such germs may be caused by alternately usage. It is better for us to clean your body first after doing the activity in it, so that the germ and bacteria will not stick to our body. Those 3 places are stayed by millions bacteria. Please, keep clean when we are in it. (*)

Writer : Deasy Mayasari
Editor : Atho'illah
Publisher : Rizal Dani